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Public and private camps to help learning professionals get the best content.

Take advantage of the private and public camps to deliver well curated content whether you are a business, academy or university.

Blockchain Technologies

The public Blockchain camp is a live community where experts share their knowledge on the trending technology with the digital professionals across the world.

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Social learning

We help digital teams to efficiently collaborate and organize their knowledge in personal camps. Every camp mate can create, share and follow collections of resources on various topics. Easily create onboarding paths for your new hires.

2Save valuable time
Less admin

Turn experts into mentors and empower your most skilled team members to create and curate quality content. Give access to your teams to the best curated content by industry professionals and influencers. And this means less admin and time wasted for Talent Managers, HRs, Team Leads and CEOs.

3Manage & organize
Analytics, reporting and budget tracking

With TheCamp's analytics tools you can track and analyse team’s learning progress and development and most used and useful learning content. This will also help you make most effective use of your learning budget.

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Hot deals and discounts

Receive special offers and volume discount for the hottest online and offline courses, events, books, trainings, moocs and many more. Get more for your budget.

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We help teams to share their skills and knowledge and empower learners to take care of their personal development and collaborate with others.