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Build an impressive skillset in digital marketing strategies, brand management, communication and international markets. Keep an eye on the trends and new stuff.

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UI / UX Best Practises

Take a look at the fine curation of books, how to's, videos and articles on UX. Become a skilled UX-er following the step-by-step breakdown of the user experience processes.

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Blockchain Technologies

Get access to the best and hottest content on the revolutionary digital ledger. Learn more how transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.

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Lead explorers in The Camp

Meet some of the inspiring professional and influencers in the camp.

Georgi Malchev

Is partner and “Chief Digital Realist and Evangelist” in a digital advertising agency. He has more than 12 years in marketing and more than 15 years in business development. He is also lecturer in different multiple Bulgarian universities and academies.

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Ivan Vankov

Is a well known and experienced developer and has worked as a lead on a lot and very big international projects. Currently he is focused on developing large scale businesses solutions using trending technologies like Blockchain and Hyperledger.

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Mike Ramm

Is owner of the consulting company RammSoft and founder of an academy about presenting skills. He is also lecturer on topics such as project management, personal productivity and development of internet businesses.

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Baycho Georgiev

He is IT Marketing and Sales Executive in a Bulgarian software company. Despite his marketing background, he is also one of the founders of 9Academy – a series of lectures, in which experts teach young people how to develop their business ideas.

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