How I learn: Gerry Dicheva from Flexpat

It is important to know your True North and to follow it. You can check how Gerry has accomplished it and how she manages to learn new stuff, in the lines below.

Location: The harbor’s in Rotterdam, The Netherlands but the boat is constantly sailing places.

Current gig: Head of Marketing & Communications at Flexpat

One word that best describes how you learn? Eagerly

First, tell me a little about yourself. How you got to where you are today? As a kid, I figured that the sense of orientation in the city wasn’t my strongest suit. What I found to work surprisingly well for me, however, was to have a sense of the general direction I was going for. That way, I was never really lost because it didn’t matter whether I took this street or that one as long as I was on the right way. That’s pretty much how it happened when it came to my career choices too. I knew my True North: I want to give businesses a soul by creating out-of-the-ordinary brands with a story to tell and a purpose to fight for. In that sense, I’ve been quite strategic with picking my gigs and have been fortunate to work in different industries, ranging from PR & advertising to fashion to tech (which I’m not saying is the coolest… but it’s the coolest). Rather early on I realized that I’m not fit for the corporate world and hoped on the startup train. Startups indulge my creative ego and urge to make an impact with my work.

What’s your favorite way of learning? By trial and error. There’s something twistedly refreshing about falling flat on your face. Sure, you can read, listen to, and observe how others do it, but at least for myself, I’ve found that the lessons I’ve learned first-hand tend to stick the longest.

What are you currently learning? I’m learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. In the current world, we’re living in, what’s especially true for the startup ecosystem, uncertainty is something you need to embrace. Assuming you’ll have all pieces of the puzzle before making a decision is unrealistic, not to say foolish. Things can and will change in a split second and making the best of the current situation is all you really have. As my mentor almost religiously preaches: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

What are you going to share with us in TheCamp?  

I’ve decided to dedicate my collection to design – something I’ve been quite interested in and experimenting with as of lately. I believe that it’s the collaboration between brand marketers and designers that help to build a great brand and communicate it to the world. In the collection among other things, I’ve thrown in a few design trends for 2018 for inspiration.


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